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While everyone else is freaking out about having the best, the most chic, Easter decor, take the easy way out with gorgeous floral ice! I found this easy do-it-yourself on a blog that I now follow, called Holly & Flora. I found this when I shared another card on delicious Rosemary Paloma cocktails, which you can see here.

What you need:

Ice cube trays
Edible (and cleaned) flowers
Distilled water (if you like)
Fill trays with the edible flowers.
Next pour the distilled water to the rim.

How easy is that?!

With all the hubbub of Easter going on, this is what's going to get people talking more than the million-dollar craft ideas that are out there. What does this diy cost you? Not much time--the freezer does all the work. Not much money. You can get edible flowers at the grocery store.
What do you think of this idea? Going to give it a shot? Don't forget--Easter is Sunday, March 27th this year!