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okay so, Imagine one day your randomly like waiting for the bus right and out of nowhere Suga pop up and just stared at you with those devilish eyes. He starts walking up to you but you panic and try to walk away but before you could get away he grabs you by the arm and pulls you close to him. you guys end up making eye contact. then BOOM! he kisses you passionately and deeply. when you both finally pull away to breath, Suga whisper into your ear. "I've been watching you lately and I couldn't stop thinking of you. (Y/N) let me make you mine tonight." and after that he takes you to his place and you guys get freaky as fuck and kinky too like just imagine Suga making you his woman.... Wow amazing right...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGA BEAR MY JACK FROST GREEN MINT HAIR BOY credit to the own of this photo because their not mine lol Hmm thinking about making this into a one shot hmm I'll think about it
@SugaOnTop what @CreeTheOtaku said lol none of you were xD
one shot was right haha. imagination running wild
@SugaOnTop none of us was
@CreeTheOtaku I wasn't ready
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