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Yup. Despite being a hardcore GTOP shipper, I think I'm going with TOP and Seungri as my favorite ship of the MADE tour.
Did you hear that?! She's finally letting you be with someone else! Let's take a photo to remember this historic moment!
Smile! This will be fun, I promise!
You know what, Seungri? You're not that bad. I think I will stick with you.
Come on, I'll take the picture this time. You just sing away.
Wait...GD, get out of here! This is about TOP and Seungri!
Really, GD?!
*sigh* Okay, one photo and then TOP goes back to Seungri.
You hear me?
ONE photo...
Are you listening?
Oh no....he's not going to let go now.
Alright, GD. You win. You can have TOP back.
Are you happy now?
Why, yes. Yes, I am!
I really tried but I just love these two together!
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Oh I love TOP Hyung with Seungri Maknae!!!!