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Since Chip Kelly left town, the Eagles have been shipping off players left and right.
While many expected a change of style with a new coach, many of the players that are being moved have surprised Eagles fans across the globe. The most surprising move this offseason is the trade of Demarco Murray.
Murray was given permission to find a trade partner, and he identified and sought out Tennessee, which he thought to be a good fit and an exciting opportunity, according to one person who knows Murray.
The Eagles have Ryan Matthews, but Murray was the most exciting addition of the Chip Kelly movement. He led the NFL in rushing yards two years ago. He was clearly under utilized in his first year in Philly. He is amazing in between the tackles, and has shown to be very productive when given the ball 20-25 times a game.
With that being said, Matthews and Darren Sproles have shown they are more than capable of handling the backfield duties in a time share. If the Eagles feel they can have a solid running game with those two, maybe by moving Murray they can use money they pay him to fill another gap in the roster.

Is The Demarco Murray Trade To Titans Good For Everyone?

We'll have to see but I think it can potentially be a win-win for both sides