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GOT7 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Okay, So my favorite Real GOT7 Episode is....
Episode 9, Season 3!!
That is my favorite episode because I find it really hilarious how all the members seem so tuff and cute but like whine, cry or scream when getting scared. Mark and Jb seemed to be not so scared of the image of the ghost but when their manager popped out as a ghost, They freaked out and it was so funny. As quoted by Youngjae, "Yu Gyeom is boring" because as expected, The maknae usually gets scared the most since he is the youngest plus is still growing but Yu Gyeom wasn't scared but he was amused so much that he laughs his butt off.
Jr. On the other hand, Well, He seemed more spooked than frightened.
As for my baby, BamBam who was the last victim to be pranked, His reaction made me laugh really hard that tears had came out!!!! He seemed spooked but then when Mark comes out of the table, Kunpimook dashes off with out looking back. He runs for his life!!!
Later after the members calmed down, They had a spooky story time which was funny because Jr. was telling a story about a kid and a baby sitter and he scared Youngjae!! When Youngjae reacted, It sounded like he said, "SHIT!"
Honestly, At the end I was spooked...And if you want to know why, Then watch the whole thing and don't skip it!!
Which one was your favorite episode? Tell me in the comments!!
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@JaxomB Its really funny especially if the idol is known to be like tuff and scary
That was my favorite episode also (though I understand Jackson was pretty upset about the whole thing). It's funny how scared some of these guys get....and I don't mean just Got7....I mean all the idols
@MarrickeJ33 It was!!! Its so funny
Haha that is too funny. They were all spooked. sounds like a funny episode
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