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funny story
hey guys i need to tell you this funny story. so i was at work and im playing my kpop playlist, and my boss walks in. now usually the other workers turn the music down because our boss doesn't really like it, but not me i let it keep playing!!!
and my boss literally had this face and asked why i liked kpop so much?!?! then he's like "you're an adult" "they don't even know you exist." "you should get your head on straight...blah blah blah blah blah.... and i replied....
"Mr. Kim does israel kamakawiwo'ole(a hawaiian musician he likes) know that you exist!" the nerve of my boss.... i know he's my boss and all but still that was so rude and i will not stand there and listen to it...
just saying guys, don't let anyone, and i mean ANYONE make your feel ashamed or embarrassed just cause you like something different!!! embrace it and show it off...heck i walk home from work blasting my kpop music and im even singing and dancing too. does it look like i care what they say...
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as a Hawaiian by birth that burn was so real 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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@KeziahWright ooh what island you from. I'm from Nanakuli, Oahu
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@SHINee808 Honolulu, Hawaii cha what's up
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@KeziahWright cool!!!! its nice to finally meet someone thats also from hawaii...
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@SHINee808 yeah what's up aloha bruh
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