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[Vocals Week] Amazing Singer!
I love JB of GOT7! His voice is so amazing and he is a bias wrecker!
Not only does he have an amazing voice, but be is an amazing dancer as well! He is the reason I still sing! I love to sing his parts!
Not only is he an amazing sing, dancer, and leader! He's also an eater! Just look at him!
Look at his amazing singing!
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@Scarletribbons YASSSSSSS!!! His name is Jaebum and he is in the group GOT7!!
a year ago·Reply
@TaehyungV beginners recommendation pls
a year ago·Reply
@Scarletribbons You should listen to their song If You Do or Confession. It's one of their newer ones. If you want one of there older one, it would be Girls, Girls, Girls or A~. If you want a list of other KPOP groups, just ask.
a year ago·Reply
he is soooo cutte sooo precious soo gorgeous exactly yyy he is my bias ❤❤❤❤
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