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Star power making the world a better place.

Emma Watson has recently temporarily retired from the acting world while striving to make the world a better place. Today marks International Women's Day providing encouragement, empowerment, and strength to women across the globe. Female celebrities have been taking to social media to support this wonderful day while also recruiting their male counterparts to join in on the support.
Watson has been no stranger to advocating for equal rights for all people which is why she had backed campaigns for #IWD2016, #SheInspiresMe, and #StrengthHasNoGender. For this specific day, Watson unveiled her next campaign, #HeForShe. This was to have men also support equality for women not only in the work place but in society as a whole worldwide. Women are still largely discriminated against and devalued in many parts of the world despite their undeniable freedom and power in more Westernized nations. Since Watson may be a Goodwill Ambassador, but she also frequently makes her initiatives known at the United Nations.
Twitter loved her #HeForShe campaign so much that they honored her by giving her an emoji that attached to her hashtag, something only given to high profile events or people. Watson was so surprised that she even tweeted about her appreciation about their special recognition. However, it was more than Twitter who supported Watson.
J.K. Rowling tweeted at Watson, "Nice emoji! You're an inspirational woman x" to show her support.

You go girl!

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