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This is gonna be short and sweet.
It is the best brotherhood/friendship ever in the history of the world - our Good Boys,
GD xTaeyang.
This has become one of my favorite songs. I loved watching them perform it.
They have the sweetest friendship in all the world. GD said that Taeyang is the friend he would want to die with.
Here they are performing Good Boy around the world.
This is their performance when the tour started in Seoul.
Here they are messing with GD's pet. This is also from when the tour started in Seoul and they helped Seungri with Let's Talk about Love.
Looks like he's saying "you wish you were there".
And for all you with the GD bias - where was this when I was looking for a body roll @katyng52?
@KDSnKJH you found it.. the #oneofakind 😁
@katyng52 It was a very weird random find. I think I googled 'Gdragon Taeyang butt gif' then '@katyng52 private party' !! Lol
@KDSnKJH haha exactly what he said in second last block 'private show, no peeking' HAHAHAA!!! I saved that one gif, NiCE!!!
the body roll was at a private couple show - in my room! haha 😜😍😜😍😜😍❀❀ and since it is GDxTaeYang, ship approved!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
i like good boy that. song is good
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