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Welcome to one of March's Funny Community games - the "That's Not A ____" Game!

How To Play:

1. I will start the game by saying "It's a _____!" (For example, "It's a polar bear!")
2. The first person to comment will go "That's not a ____! It's a _____!" and fill the blank with something that is loosely related to my item. ("That's not a polar bear! It's a penguin!")
3. The next person will continue the "That's not a _____! It's a _____!" chain with something loosely related to the new word they added. ("That's not a fox! It's a pomeranian with rabies!")

In short, the comment chain will look something like this:

A: "It's a bird!"
B: "That's not a bird! It's an airplane!"
C: "That's not an airplane! It's a helicopter!"

Alright, now let's get this started!

"It's a basketball!"

The first person to comment will comment with "That's not a basketball! It's ______!", filling in the blank with what THEY think it is. Okay? LET'S GO!!!!!!!
That's not Asuna and Kirito doing the tango to Beyonce's Crazy In Love! It's a female praying mantis gruesomely decapitating her mate.
That's not Suga's sleeping bag! It's one of Lebron James's sweaty gym socks.
That's nota female praying mantis gruesomely decapitating her mate, that's the new star trek movies and cast being sucked into a vortex.
That's not Eren trying to kill titans that's deadpool on a stripper pole stripping to the weekend
that's not Goku firing a kame yame ha at Rapunzel's glowing hair, that's Natsu Dragneel trying to find Igneel with Happy and Carla but failing again because of Lucy's big hair!!!
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