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Ever have those people that just really get on your nerves or annoy you or put you down!? Or maybe it's reached a point where you straight up dislike them. Well then heres a playlist for just those type of people!
Zero for Conduct by BASTARZ (Block B): "Hey brother! Look carefully at real swag" "This stage is my turf so just keep watching" haha this song is too good <3 I get so hype with this song!! The lyrics are perfect when people hate on things you love. Like what do they know? YOU DO YOU! Forget the haters.
Trespass by Monsta X: I think of this song when someone trys to tell you can't do something or disses on something you like or do. Then when you come back and prove them wrong or do what they said you couldn't. I'm just like "KNOCK KNOCK!!" SWAG. haha "Get Out The Way!" "Excuse my charisma~!"
Bulletproof by BTS: No matter what the haters say, don't let it get to you. Love what you love and ignore the haters. Stay strong and someday come back and prove all the haters who got you down wrong!
Growl by EXO: This song is about a girl and telling other guys to back off basically, but I think it still applies here too~ Growling at the haters to back off ^^
No Joke by Zico, P.O, & Kyung (Block B): this song is perfect for this too. Sometimes people who make fun of you or anything like that, they think they're being cool, or they're so much better, or that it's funny....like a joke..uhm no. NO JOKE.
Thank you for this 😊
thanks omg nice list!!
Nice list. It helps that I love three out of the five songs. (Trespass, Bulletproof and Growl)
no joke goes hard in the paint. I really think all these songs work great
I am obsessed with Zero For Conduct right now!
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