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Continue reading. Part 2
I was heading to the train station to go to my parents. I had arrived a few minutes early. There were only a few people on the platform. I sat on a bench that had a man sleeping on it. When I looked at the guy I realized it was suga from BTS. Why was he sleeping here? His Manager or someone from the company wasn't with him. That's dangerous for an idol. I started hearing screaming. 'Crap they already know he's here.' I quickly took my jacket off and scooted closer to him. I moved his head slightly to rest on my shoulder and then I put my jacket over his head. In a few seconds there were a bunch of girls panicking. "It shows that he's here...this is the right station right." One of the girls said. "Excuse me miss have you seen this man?" One asked me. Showing me a picture of suga. "I haven't seen him sorry, but could you be a bit quieter my husband is trying to rest." I whispered "Oh were sorry and thank you." "Why would he be resting here of all places....that's stupid." a girl whispered but I obviously still heard it. "This sucks we could have met him and talked to him....we were too late." Finally the noise died down as they walked away. I left my jacket on him just in case anyone else saw him. After a few minutes he moved. He shot up and my jacket fell off of his face. "Hi know you probably shouldn't sleep in places like this without your manager or whoever keeps you safe." He was trying to wake up still. He was trying to figure out what happened. He was just staring at me. "It's ok I'm not going to pounce...although if I hadn't come around who knows what would have happened to you." I smiled "What happened?" He finally spoke and his voice melted me....that smooth, cracky voice after waking up. "Some fan girls found out you were here but since your face was under my jacket they didn't think that you were under it plus I said husband and we all know your not married heck your not even dating anyone right now. " "Thank you." "Yea no problem...just please don't sleep somewhere with out some type of protection" I stood up since my train was pulling into the station. Plus I was trying to remain calm and cool in front of him. "It was nice seeing you. Please be safe." I said as I walked onto the train. I went and found a seat and waited for the long trip home. It was only a 2 hr ride to Daegu then I'd just have to take a bus to sangdong. It was only 2 miles. I was looking out the window as the train started moving. "Excuse me can I sit with you?" I turned to answer the person. "If you want to." With that he sat down. "Thanks for earlier. I didn't get to say it since you ran off pretty fast. " "You don't need to thank me. It was a nice bonus for me. " "Why do you say that?" "Well you are in my fave group, and I mean look at you. You're more handsome in person though." I had to gush just a little. "Am I you're bias?" he smiled. "No I don't have one." I lied "Really?" He was staring at me. I was a little scared to tell him who it was. If I told him would his attitude change. I started to blush. "I'm taking it you do have one, you just don't want to tell me who. That's ok you don't have to. " "Oh thank God. " I said letting the air out that I didn't realize I was holding. "Ha so where are you heading?" He asked laughing "Im getting off at daegu. ...I'm betting you are too." I smiled "Yep going to visit my family. you know my hometown?" "Yea I know all the members hometown. " I said quickly covering my butt. "Ok. So where are you going when you get off the train?" "My parents house in sangdong." "How long are you staying for?" He asked "I don't know at least a few days how about you?" "I'm going to try to stay for a few days. As long as nothing comes up. " " Yea you need a vacation. " He just smiled. I knew he had to be working it out in his head who my bias is. I just hope he doesn't figure it out. We talked for a good portion of the train ride. I started to get sleepy and he was too so we stopped talking to rest. I remember laying my head against the back of my seat but when I woke up my head was against Sugas. I sat up and his head leaned on my shoulder. Now that there wasn't a jacket covering his face I looked at him closer. His mint colored hair was perfect on him. He had on fake glasses that just looked amazing on him. His face was so smooth looking. I'm surprised he doesn't have any acne. His eyes twitched. It seemed like he was having a dream. He still didn't wake up. I slowly looked down his face. His nose was so perfect. I'm a little jealous of how perfect he looked. Then I look at his lips. They looked so inviting. I licked my lips then bit my bottom lip. 'Don't think like that (y/n) he's a person not a piece of candy. ' I finally looked away. I looked out the window. Oh looks like we're almost there. I turned back to Suga and shook him. "Mmmm five more minutes." Cute "Suga you need to get up or you'll miss the stop. " I whispered. "Noooo" he whined. "Come on. ..wakey wakey." I was just looking at him. I didn't realize I was staring at his lips again. "You want a kiss" he said and I looked him in the eyes. "What?" I was frozen, locked in place because of his eyes. Why would he ask that? I started to blush. "You were staring at my lips. even licked them." I could feel the heat rising in my face. "Um....why were you staring at my lips?" I looked away. "Because I wanted to look. Is that wrong of me?" "No. ..." What was I suppose to do tell him it was weird. But I was doing it to him. And I didn't hate the idea of him looking at my lips. I actually liked it. I had finally pulled myself away from his gaze. Thank God If I hadn't looked away he'd know what he was doing to me. Finally the train stopped and I quickly stood up and ran off the train. "bye." I quickly said trying to get as far away as possible. It wasn't super cold but it felt nice since I was burning up. I started to walk toward the bus stop when I was spun around. I came face to face with Suga. We were a mere inches apart. I was frozen again. He was too close. If one if us moved just a bit our lips would touch. "You never told me your name" " It's (y/n)" "(Y/n) that's petty. Thanks for everything. ...can i..." He was cut off by someone. "Yoongi!!!" He turned towards the person. "Bye Suga have a good vacation" I waved and ran to catch my bus. When I turned to see if he was still there he was waving back to me. I smiled. Now back to watching him from afar. I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with him.
Soooo what do you think? Do you like it? Do you love it? Do you want it? Well you can't have it.... lol sorry I had to do it.... Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it and look forward to part 2 soon!!!! Like real soon!!! If you want to be tagged or taken off my tag list just let me know. Also this was posted finally thanks to Suga having his birthday in korea today. Happy Birthday Suga bear!!!
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I can't wait for the next update!😄 This cliffhanger killed me lol😃
it's cute!!! I can't wait for next story!! tag me in the next story
Wow what a great way to start Yoongi is my UB in BTS so I love reading about him I kW I came late I actually saw a card with ch 21 but I had to come to the beggining but for you can plz tag me in the fire to
Haha yes! I can continue to live through high school!
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