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Love this screen shot/shuffle game idea, @PrettieeEmm! ♡♡♡

1. how we met

"Hot Enough" - VIXX

" you make me submit to you" "please just melt me now" kinda dirty lol...or is it me?

2. how he asked me out

"I Like It (Pt.2)" - BTS

"I'm still crazy about you, you're still cute" "At that place, I'll be waiting" we're exes?!

Leather for that BAMF look! d(• 3•)b

4. how he thought you looked

"Interstellar" - MONSTA X

"If you don't like it, leave me alone" "I'll take you all to a different planet" I must look equally BA then~

1 of my dreams - to visit a castle ♡

6. if he kissed me good night

"Best Friend" - UNIQ

"You're more precious than anyone else" "let's never grow up when it's just us" I think I got friendzoned so probably not...

7. Did he ask me out again?

"Come As You Are" - UP10TION

"I like your everything" "just come as you are" so there's a 2nd date after all ^^

Now go play!~ ^^

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i love your results!! ❤❤ thanks for playing