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Five years ago, Ryan Braun was one of my favorite fantasy baseball players.
Nabbing Braun in the top three always made sense to me. He played left field, which had few talented options. He hit in a nice spot in the order with a talented supporting cast around him. Last but not least, he was a complete offensive player, who could hit for power while nabbing a solid amount of stolen bases.
Sadly the past couple of years have been tough for Braun. The Brewers have lost a lot of talent and Braun has had trouble staying healthy.
So, is Braun still an elite fantasy baseball player?

I think Braun can be a top 40-50 player in fantasy baseball this year.

For starters, he's looking healthy again for the first time in a long time. Last year, he posted a solid stat-line of 25 HR, 84 RBI with 24 stolen bases. At the left field position, Braun could be a top 5 option.
At 32, Braun isn't getting any better, so the key to elevated numbers will be the talent Milwaukee puts around him. If his supporting cast can carry their own weight and force teams to pitch at him (rather than around him) those numbers could go up.

So what do you think: Pass or nab Ryan Braun?

If you take him, what round do you think is a good round to take him?

@mchylang I think with Braun it all depends on when you can get him, no longer a player you reach for
Damn, no love for Braun at all, lol
Pass for me as well
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