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True Friendship, is a beautiful thing.
Having a good friend in your corner will help you get through the darkest times. While girls who are close to their gal-pals is cool, guys are often mocked from their bromances with their homies.

Thankfully, research has now supported our claim that a good bromance is good for the soul.

According to new research, close friendships between two males–like those between romantic partners–may actually reduce stress and reduce the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
How is that possible, you ask? Bonding with others produces more oxytocin–the chemical responsible for all those warm fuzzy feelings you get. Using male rats as an experimental group, researchers found that pairs who live together are able to be more social, cooperate better, and may even live longer and healthier lives.
So there you have it. Bromances aren't a joke, they are pivotal entities to a healthy life for males across the globe.
I fully support bromantic relationships!
Do you have a bromance, @christianmordi?
pffft as if I needed yet another reason for guy love.