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Your relationship history does not define you.

Sure you've had a girlfriend cheat on you, or maybe you've never been kissed. Maybe you've been divorced a few times or you're happily married with kids and puppies.
At the end of the day, all of that stuff doesn't define your success as a human being. Only YOU can make you happy, successful, and (like these women below) totally iconic.

Check out these amazing women below and how, regardless of their love lives, they are ICONS:

Marilyn Monroe

One of the world's most famous actresses. A muse and a mystery, the magnetic Marilyn Monroe.
- At the age of 16, married her neighbor in order to not have to return to an orphanage.
- Divorced when she was 20
- Dated agency executive who got her roles in movies, but also had her undergo plastic surgery. Passed away of a heart attack.
- Dated many other industry folks during her rise to fame.
- Married baseball player Joe DiMaggio for 1 year
- Married playwright Arthur Miller for 5 years
- Dated Frank Sinatra


One of the most active pop star-turned-philanthropist. She builds schools, raises her son, and still holds world tours.
- Dated a lawyer who would also become her business partner for 11 years. He then sued her for $100 million after the couple separated.
- Dating Spanish soccer player with whom she had a baby boy 4 years ago!

Audrey Hepburn

An actress that women around the world admire for her quirky sense of self and originality. One of the most iconic actresses of her era.
- Called off her first marriage at the last second.
- Dated a costar for a year
- Married actor and playwright, had a son after two miscarriages
- Divorced after 14 years of marriage
- Married a psychiatrist a month later, had two sons with him
- Both had other lovers while they were married, stayed together for the children.
- Divorced once children were old enough to emotionally handle it.
- Romantically involved with another actor for 9 years until her death. "The happiest years of her life."

Michelle Obama

Graduated from Princeton, then Harvard Law with a PH.D. Went on to work at a law firm which eventually lead her to be our First Lady where she supports causes improving literacy, mental and physical health, and women's rights.
- Mentored the summer intern at her law office. Dated him, married him, became first lady of the United States.* Yes you read that right. SHE mentored HIM.

Lee Hyori

One of the biggest Korean pop stars who is also a huge name in the animal rights world. She works closely with the United Nations to make sure that all living beings are treated respectfully.
- Married her husband 3 years ago. Was a huge story because compared to Hyori's natural beauty, the press thought her husband wasn't good looking enough. *eye roll*

Natalie Portman

An elegant, artistic woman who is not only an actress but a director, producer, and social activist. She has studied 4 languages and graduated from Harvard.
- Dated a folk singer for about a year
- Had a baby boy with her partner of 3 years.
- Married the father of her child 4 years ago.

Aishwarya Rai

Hands down the most famous Bollywood star in the world. She is a Goodwill ambassador for the UN and works towards combating AIDS.
- Dated fellow Bollywood actor for 2 years. Ended relationship due to her partner cheating on her as well as "verbal, physical and emotional abuse."
- Married fellow actor 9 years ago, and the couple is considered more famous than Bradgelina! They're both deeply religious and very happy.
- Had a baby girl 5 years ago

Have you ever felt like your relationship experience defines you?

I feel somewhat conflicted over that. I mean, our past is what brings us to where we in a way it does define us. No, sorry...that's not exactly what I we respond to our past, to our experiences is what defines us...whether we use our experiences to mature and grow...or not.
I believe a relationship can bring either the worst or best out of just takes the right person, that requires trial and error of course.
Never experienced a relationship at all. I absolutely love and look up to Aishwarya Rai though! I love that you included her:)
Awesome card! And no I don't believe that my past defines me ever.
I enjoy these cards so much 馃槉
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