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♡Happy Birthday♡, Min Yoongi/ August D/ Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the third/ Motionless Min/ Son of Naver
Suga is my Bias Wrecker and would often become my bias, but tbh what is a bias list when it comes to BTS.
What's not to like about this amazing rapper, composer, and inspiration.
Let's not forget his adorable smile and his photogenic selca selca-taking skills.
Same Suga, we all feel so attacked right now by your unnecessary teasing. *WARNING: Tongue is DANGEROUS and direct eye contact is not advised. Please rinse eyes with Holy Water afterwards...JK
《☆Yoongi is relatable af, so here are some Memes dedicated to him on his 24th Birthday.☆》
☆~Memes Continued~☆
I ship Yoonmin, because their love - hate relationship is adorable. The bromance is real. Although I want to get Yoongi a present, Jimin isn't in my price range. (Broke People Problems)