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Sorry about the story it's my first time writing one. If you like please press the like button and let me know if you want more.
It was a sunday morning. You and Tao were cuddling on the couch watching t.v. At first it was ok but you were wondering if he forgot it was your birthday tomorrow and if he had something planed. In joying your time you pushed that thought off to the side.
The next day...
It was morning and Tao was nowhere to be found. You looked all around the house but it was no use. So instead you went to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast. After that you took a shower and sat on the couch and watch your favorite anime. After an hour you got a text from Tao.
"Hey what's up I'll be home late today love. Sorry, see you later"
You were upset but you texted back saying you were just watching your favorite anime and to see him later. It was 6:00 and you were really bored but then you heard nosies in your back yard. When you went to investigate, because of your curiosity, you got blind folded and was told to stay guite. You did so because who knows what trouble you would get into if you said something. It was about 15 minutes until the person stopped leading you and just left you in the middle of nowhere as you would say because of your lack of sight. When you removed your blind fold there was a beautiful lake and a table for two with a lot of your favorite foods. Tao then comes behind you with a bouquet of flowers in his right but in his left was a bracelet you have always wanted. "Happy birthday y/n. Did you think I forgot?" he says as he laughs a little. You playfully hit him in the arm but end up hugging him." I love you. You jerk."
"I love you too love. Now lets sit and in joy the good food before it gets cold and after we can go for a walk. Would that be cool?" all you did was nod.
After dinner you both walked hand in hand along the lake and taking in the sweet smell of the pine trees. He holds you close and kisses your forehead then your lips.
That was cute:)
It was really cute and sweet, I liked it!
Thanks :)
Awe what a cute fluff story lovely dovely (TAT) if only Tao really notice me!!