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hello ! i'm back at it again ! thanks to those who requested and liked ! more will be coming so stay right where you are :D anyone can request as many times as wanted ! don't forget to like, comment, and request!
image : min yoongi of BTS lyrics : wings - little mix requested by : (」゜ロ゜)」 no one
image : kunpimook bhuwakul (bambam) of GOT7 lyrics : none requested by : (」゜ロ゜)」 no one
image : woo ji ho (zico) of BLOCK B lyrics : none requested by : @BluBear07
image : jo kwangmin of BOYFRIEND lyrics : WITCH requested by : @CrookedShadow
image : byun baekhyun of EXO lyrics : wolf requested by : (」゜ロ゜)」 no one
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Thank you so much for the one of Kwangmin and the other ones are awesome also!! My other favorites have to be Suga and Baekhyun c: I'm really liking your new style.
2 years ago·Reply
Also, can I have one of Daehyun from B.A.P with lyrics from their song One Shot????
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you for the Zico one!! it's amazing! 😄
2 years ago·Reply
please do one for D.O and and for Taekwoon Leo please please please
2 years ago·Reply
I love the Suga little mix one!
2 years ago·Reply