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Thank you lovely @ShailaZaman for the first game card. Wepa!! <3 Make sure to check her page out if you want to play too. And now for these results ^.^
So my prettier spouse is: Namjoon. Hey lindo, hey. (blowing kisses)
Our lovely casa, easy to maintain so I'm loving it.
Just how adorable are our twins and boys...yessssss. Just need to name them...any suggestions?
Awwwwww, I'm sure I'll be showing more love to our perrito lindo (cute puppy) than my husband..미안해.
Jajaja, well I think Vingle in general is telling me to pursue my Plan B. It makes sense I'm the chef in this relationship though since he can't cook. ahh
Now that some hot wheels, a bit hazardous with twins since I happen to have a heavy foot. However, it will stay for our date nights. Tagging my small knitted Vingle fam: @PrettieeEmm @ShailaZaman @HeichousRegalia @Bikutoria13
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