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So for my daughters 12th birthday she wants to go to her first Anime convention, and both of my kids want to cosplay. The problem is, I couldn't make a costume from scratch if my life depended on it and I'm having a hard time finding pre-made in their sizes. I was hoping someone could give me some info. She wants to be Wendy and he wants Natsu. My kids are petite, My daughter weighs just over 60 lbs, and my 9 year old son is at 50. they are healthy, but their metabolism is insane. Thank you in advance!
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@Shiskra that seems like fun!
you can also check ebay!! quality is hit or miss but if you read reviews you can find nice ones. since they'll grow you don't want to spend too much :)
you can find stuff on amazon or if you want to do it yourself than first find a pic of the costume and start buying the materials my guess is try finding a clothing shop that takes measurements. sorry this is all I have 😓
I find the best way to cosplay is envision each piece of clothing the character uses would be in real life. Then I look for that equipment on amazon, then Google shopping. if it's a prop I go to home depot and buy the base materials. It also helps to keep your eye out for materials that pass you by. My uncle gave me a used bomber jacket and I repurposed it into an attack on titan jacket by purchasing A.O.T. patches on Amazon and sewing them on. The jacket is amazing, I use it every day and it makes for an easy cosplay setup
Thank y'all for all the tips. so far by what I can tell, I can buy the natsu outfit. the Wendy outfit is another thing and I may just find myself learning how to sew a dress in her size. The only props will be the exceeds and they already have those, that's why they chose their chars. If I can get it situated and worked out I'll show them off when the time comes. (If it doesn't look like I dressed them in garbage bags). (*^ワ^*)