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Ok guys and gals and everyone those don't cover, I'm sure you've all heard speculation about what possibilities Pokemon Sun and Moon may have for us. One theory is Pokemon/human fusion that was seen in the Pokemon ExBurst manga. Some evidence that gives this theory steam is the Ash-Greninja from the anime (which is ridiculous by all measure), the Japanese logos have a crystal that look similar to the ReBurst crystals and X/Y had the Mega evolution symbol in their Japanese logos, and in Pokemon X/Y there is an NPC talking of long ago stories that tell of a Froakie turning into a human. I want to know your thoughts, if you have any, on the matter. Personally, I hate the idea. Pokemon is not Digimon and that seems harder to defend anymore and with the human fusions it seems even more like Digimon. Also, human fusion with Pokemon is just...dumb. Pokemon has been about forming a bond with your Pokemon and working as "one" to accomplish goals but it kind of defeats the purpose of you become your Pokemon. You're not really working together at that point. From a game perspective. I'd think that would limit character customization a lot and that is a feature I love in Y version. Plus it pits even more team restrictions with a mega evolution, a fusion Pokemon, and now the other four need to go around those two. Yes I know ReBusrt is not canon and not tied to other Pokemon products as of yet, and it seems silly to worry about a game that was just announced but it's 12:30 and I'm on meds fighting a sickness and wanted to make a card. One last point: I love the fan creations of Pokemon Gijinka (a human/Pokemon hybrid cosplay of sorts). But that love worries me more about the possibility because the fun in Gijinka OS making your own version to match your Pokemon of choice and actual fusions would make some canon and others not and rarely would the official ones be as cool as fan ones. I dont know, just feels like it takes away from the Pokemon and you as a team of you just take them over... Anyway rambling over...tell me your thoughts.
I think I'd be down for this kind of idea, but not in a major franchise isntallment like sun and moon. if this was one of the offshoots like the ranger games, I could test that out. but the main series shouldn't jump into this. it's too like digimon, like you said.
@InVinsybll that's a fair point with making it an off shoot. I just really don't like the thought, I didn't like it in the ReBurst manga either. it's just weird.