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So after seeing a card by @vatcheeAfandi99 (http://www.vingle.net/posts/1460745?shsrc=v) & this challenge came to mind and I thought everyone in the Kpop Vingle Fam could have some fun with this~ ^^ The challenge is to pick two Kpop idols or actors/actresses who you think match your ideal type! Its a challenge cuz you can only pick 2!! & instead of picking only 1 I thought 2 would be better since I think people have multiple ideal types I think! Rules: 1. Pick two kpop idols or actors/accresses that match your ideal types! 2. explain why they match your ideal type 3. tag me and anyone else you want to do this challenge!! haha have fun everyone~ & here's my 2 ideal types..
For a long time I was unsure what my ideal types were & then...I came across actor Lee Hyun Woo!! <3 There's just something about this guy. I first saw him act in The Scholar Who Walks in The Night, & loved his character. THEN saw him in a Running Man ep and he showed off his own personality which caught my attention. He's so cute!!
Then I discovered he could sing too!!! Then I watched some other dramas he's in one being Moorim School which I love. He has become one of my favorite actors now but back to the ideal type thing ~ ^^
Lee Hyun Woo is one of my ideal types & that is a cute playful type of person. He is so cute in both looks and personality wise. I realized after getting into Kpop I liked idols that had cute type personalities but Hyun Woo takes the cake. In addition to being super cute & playful he has this charisma as well. He's really admirable & talented & he is my ideal type ><
my 2nd ideal is.....B-Bomb from Block B!! This guy has so much charisma and charm its not even funny. Kyung was my 1st bias when I first got into Block B...them I realized a lot of my favorite parts in Block B songs were B-Bombs vocal parts. THEN I discovered how good of a dancer he is!
<3 I love dancers but even saying that, B-Bombs vocals take the cake for me. But after watching Block B interviews & variety stuff B-Bomb also has the other ideal personality I like. He's a little shyer & even with all his charisma he is still has a lot of cute moments. But being shyer gives a little mysteriousness to him which just adds to his charisma
So this guy has a lot of charisma & charm but also has a cute side plus a lot of talent. He also shows a lot of love for BBC(Block B fans) <3 I'm so glad I discovered how much I admire B-Bombs vocals & performance talents cuz I cheered for him so much at the concert in Chicago ^^
So those are my two ideal types! 1: The ball of cuteness with a playful side & a charismatic side 2: The charismatic type with a lot of charm & a cute side so basically my type is someone who is cute personality wise & looks wise & also charismatic wih charm who I also think is handsome. I was gunna say "Do you see what Kpop does to your standards!?" Then I realized I had high standards before I know of Kpop lol. But I don't focus too much on type. I'm the type that I need to find them attractive looks wise but I have to get to know them & have a real connection with them
My ideal type is Taecyeon from 2PM. He's cute, smart, and funny. He knows when to be serious but has a very cute, playful side. He is so smart and speaks multiple languages.
....i'm going to try....
I don't think anybody would. I'd just be picking who I thought was cute!
@BBxGD I'm curious to know who your 2nd pick would be.