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Ever had your hair caught in a round brush? Don't be surprise because that happens. Yesterday my co-worker came up to me and told me about her weekend hair disaster.
Her hair got caught in a round brush again and she was trying to detangle it herself but end up trimming the tangled hair off. She was trying to replicate what I did to remove the brush from her hair last time but it didn't work. So, I asked her what she used to remove it and she said essence. I immediately told her that is probably why it didn't detangle.

How to get rid of tangled hair in a brush?

Make a detangling spray to get the brush off. It is less damaging and easier to work with afterwards. What I normally do is mix a 1:1 ratio of hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly, spray it on tangled section and gently use a my fingers to run it through the hair. Pro tip: If stuck on a round brush you can use the tip of a rattail comb and gently pull the hair out by brush section.
If your hairs get tangled up easily your strands are probably dry! Refer to this card to prevent your hair from getting tangles and knots. Good luck!