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Misunderstandings are natural when learning a new language - but here are a few things you should NOT be mixing up :)

술 and 물

(sool and mool)

술 (sool) - Alcohol

물 (mool) - Water

Imagine: You go to get breakfast and you ask them "can I have some alcohol please?"

똑똑해요 and 뚱뚱해요

(ddohk-ddohk-hae-yo and ddoong-ddoong-hae-yo)

똑똑해요 (ddohk-ddohk-hae-yo) - Smart

뚱뚱해요 (ddoong-ddoong-hae-yo) - Fat

Imagine: You try to compliment someone for being smart and you call them "really fat" instead!

아빠 and 오빠

(ah-ppa and oh-ppa)

아빠 (ah-ppa) - Daddy

오빠 (oh-ppa) - Older brother (guy who is slightly older than you)

Imagine! Talking to your boyfriend or older guy friend from school and you accidentally call them "daddy!"

Bonus fun: Imagine the lyrics of Boy in Luv actually said "I want to be your daddy" instead of "I want to be your oppa"

What are some other Korean words you mix up!?

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I mix up appa and oppa like I know what they mean but I talk fast so sometimes I accidentally say appa instead then have to correct myself for my dumb mistake
@kpopandkimchi I think it's cause I can't remember how to emphasize on the words. It also doesn't help when people over emphasize either.
how do u say hurt because it sounds like uppa and oppa can u clarify?
@danyeljules41 아빠요 (appa-yo, it hurts) and 아빠 (appa, dad)