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I stumbled upon this awesome street photographer named Mikael Theimer, and need everyone to check him out.

His specialty is capturing those really delicate, candid moments of love that often happen all around us.

Check out his website here!

He was inspired by the famous Humans of New York, but rather than asking people questions, he let their actions speak for them!

"I just like seeing people in love, I find that beautiful and pure," he explains to Huffington Post.

"For a moment, nothing around them matters. I like to focus on the good within the human race. The more you see of it, the more you want to be a part it."

How do you feel about seeing lovers interacting in public?

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I tend to look away from psa moments. I always feel like I'm intruding .. lol! But these photos are fantastic!
he is love hunter,I see ;)...
That's cute!
Awww so precious! I feel like these moments are so rare though!! I might be just missing them though... or I'm not hanging out in romantic places. haha
I think it's beautiful. I'm not saying couples go all out and forget others an see them, but a hug or a kiss and some cuddles is really beautiful. It makes you believe that love exists and people are happy with each other; I hate it when people those couples are gross and keep judging. These couples moments are gorgeous and the photographs are AMAZING.