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The lovely @KeziahWright did this earlier and my competitive nature kicked in, and I've been debating for a while who could beat her fabulous team... so without more delay... Here is my line up. it is ON. LOL BUT SRSLY
The Muscle: Mister Competitive and Will get Violent if Need Be Choi Minho. He is the only person I can imagine (in kpop) that could literally give Kim Jongkook a run for his money. Bonus... if I ever need a tall glass of water... well there he is.
The brains of the operation... I am adorable and sexy and pretty bad ass all at the same time and I can make all ya'll look dumb Song Joong Ki. The original sexy brain from Running Man Season 1 who's also a Singer, Actor, and just returned from military service with new badassery skills. With straight A's all through school and a degree in business administration from Sungkyunkwan University.... he's definitely the Smarty Pants of the crew.
The Secret Weapon... I will quietly sit here in the corner with puppies pretending to be shy , but if you eff with me I will stare a hole so deep into your skull it reaches your soul while I plot how to take you down as mercilessly as possible Jung Taekwoon AKA Leo. He's not very talkative, nor does he play well with bullshitters. He will not tolerate your tomfoolery, and is the perfect secret weapon. You think he's just timid and shy and wouldn't hurt a fly? Wrong! Daeng!
The Scaredy Cat. He's been in many KPOP MVs, He's collaborated with some of the top names in the industry, and he's a beloved MC for a variety of shows... But above all - he's scared of just about everything and his reactions are always on par. Scaredy Cat Creme de la creme, Yoo Jae Suk. He may be a chicken, but he never fails to come through when you need him to... it Just might take him an hour and a pep talk. Plus it would be nice to see Dumb and Dumber together again... *cue Pink Panther Theme Song* (if you get the reference, I commend you, if not, just check out the next block )
The Mother/Protector She's tough, but it's tough love. She keeps her crew in shape, leads them, and takes care of them. She's like a real mom with a gummy smile, a sharp tongue, and a pension for cheating to get the job done... She might not always win... but she always takes care of her people. Who? None other than Lee Hyori.
Co-Captain... Who could help me keep this ragamuffin crew going and in order? Who's strong enough to reign in the Muscle, smart enough to reason with the Brain, brave enough to inspire the Scaredy Cat, gentle enough to support the Mother, and respectful enough not to usurp my position... There's only one perfect answer: Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain. A strong, talented, driven, humble, kind, thoughtful, hard working, dedicated, down to earth, excellent human being. There is no one else to choose.
So what do you think? Any of you guys think you can top Keziah and my line up? Bring it on! (lol this kind of turned into a kpop fantasy battle league???) Tagging @VixenViVi @RihannaTiaMay @Vlargo @PrincessUnicorn @Mercii @kpopandkimchi @moonchild03 @EmilyGardner @Krin @BreeHubler @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @BapMokja @ElleHolley @SarangRavi @Torchix @TerraToyaSi @CreeTheOtaku @Poojas @SugaOnTop @katiems
I wanna know how all this is going to go down as a team.... lol @KeziahWright @JohnEvans
@MandyNoona For sure! This all has made it ten times more fun haha
lol sweet @MadAndrea ! I'm kinda stoked!
@KeziahWright wow that actually happened! well ok then. I guess it's on. since the good sir @johnEvans says it's cool... so yay. *handshake*
@MadAndrea that's what I was going for 😂😂😂bts took lessons form meh
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