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If the photos in her Instagram account provide much testament, Naomi Uno and her husband are really amazing cooks.

So much so, their beloved cats have developed an extremely strange habit of watching them eat what they've made!

The cats often follow the smell...

...get up on the kitchen table...

...and stare. Just stare. No attempts at swiping anything from the table.

(Okay, at least not every time.)

This habit became so frequent and strange that Naomi decided to document it on her Instagram account (@naomiuno).

To date, her feline friends have helped their owner rake in over 42,000 followers from all over the world.

I mean, how could you not relate to their response to such epic meals?

The couple has since gotten a little creative with their set-up.

And even spruced their shots up with brand new plating.

But no matter which fancy new things they (literally) bring to the table...

The cats remain the same - salivating over a huge spread of Japanese yum.

My personal favorite is this shot of purrfectly purrsonalized okono-meow-ki.

(Sorry, I can't work any cat puns into a stack of pancakes.)

And now you know where they stand on burgers versus pizza.

And also, where they stand on eclectic party hats.

Can you tell me which picture is your favorite? And to all you cat-owners out there, is this something your cat does too?

Let me know in the comments below!
@atmi Damn, I wish someone could train me not to want fried chicken..
@atmi Especially since I'm trying to diet right now.. T_T
mmmmm... Fried chicken.
omg. every photo is my favorite. sooooo adorable!!! and i'm suddenly craving japanese food. aw, that okono-meow-ki..!!! >.<
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