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Look down the page for Live recaps _________________________________________ EP1:http://www.vingle.net/posts/14138-ALL-NEW-Bridal-Mask-Gaksital-Ep1-END-Photos-Added _________________________________________ Just How exciting was yesterday's first episode? Crazy right? The Action (Thank u director, that was generous), The Story that finally offers a multi-Character Focus, where you can actually rooth for more than just One signle Person or couple, The cute Bromance going (ok now we need some man/women action plz lol)! I'd like to thank you first for interacting with me while i did the Recaps, it is true that there was so much to talk about with all the new details that kept pouring on me Hahahah So, yesterday's last scene was when Kangsan turned from the chased beast to the Hunter. Kangto and another well known and notoriously known young officer decided to get him that night, after being humiliated by their superior. But! Kangto has no idea he's dealing with his own big brother! While Kangsan does.. Would he really hurt his own little brother? Knowing he's there to kill him, and they're TWO on this mission, i would totally understand if he plays it Defensive. I guess there is no way to know but JOIN ME AT 1PM GMT or 10PM KOREA TIME ^O^ ____________________________________ So! The episode starts where it ended yesterday, Gagsital with his gun on his own brother KAngto, BUT! It's not the real Gagsital! Funny enough, The real Gagsital actually saved Kangto!! It appears later that Kangto's fellow other officer was on a mission to get rid of him and blame it on Gagsital!! OMG I knew he considered him a rival, but this is pure hatred! KAngto even discovers that his gun was even empty!! To make his night perfect, he's caught and taken for interrogation by that same officer! Oh no, Kangto is being beaten up like a Dog by him, and you can see pure HATE in his eyes! But now he's finally telling the charges he's accused of...BEING GAGSITAL! " I have been ATTACKED by Gagsital! And He was this closed to killing me! And you're saying I AM GAGSITAL?! The National independence hero?? It's not even funny!" LAst thing we see in their seen, is KAngto being beaten again real hard...Kangto... Away from there, Mogdan gets a letter from her father, finally a sign of him being alive and doing well. Now we're taken to Kimura's school, the cute teacher. He's got a fan LOL This girl offers him a beautiful pot, he thanks her then she runs away How Cute hehe But, there is more to this pot..Kimura finds this Beautiful Knife..And it's familiar! What a tiny world! 13 years ago, Kimura's nany turned extremely sick! And his father never tried to help, just because she's korean...Kimura finally takes her himself to the church hospital, where Mogdan was a little nurse there! She was fighting with all her her to help her, and cheer kimura up! They got super then, but then parted. He thought she went to the US with the main American doctor of the church. I guess Faith planned otherwise. Back to Kangto. Torture after torture, they're only getting more and more creative with ways to make poor Kangto suffer. But, Kangsan and his mum can't stop thinking of him, as their late father's Death anniversary is getting close. Kangsan runs towards Kimura to ask him for help. Kimura was actually getting ready, all dressed up, to go to the circus where Mogdan performs. No dates tonight, kimura LOL Meanwhile, Kangto is finally put in a normal prison. He gets a visit from one of his friends, who gets beaten up badly by one of those japanese guards put to there just to keep an eye on him! What a low point for him, and ironic change of fate. After his friends was kicked out of the prison, he luckily meets Kimura! Back in the prison, that japanese officer had already prepared a list of charges against Kangto, thinking that will kill his spirit a little more. But Kangto appears to be much smarter than this:"You know, i have this last card i have't played yet, it's in my pocket, and i will use it tomorrow in court!" Says KAngto. True or not, Stupid officer can't take it! He actually bought it LOL He even opens the door and enters to see what KAngto's talking about, and of course, Kangto manages to flee! Everyone is after him, the whole prison! But, he gets stopped by KIMURA! Poor guy trying to call reason in him, in vain..He jumps out of the window!! Hot Hot Action, i love this drama! But the officer tries to shoot him, and Kimura stops him! Now, Kangto is away and free, but Kimura has made a New enemey, and is getting arrested! Back to Kangsan's house, there is visitor, coming from...above! Literally LOL I believe he's one of The late father's camarades from the independence movement, coming to paying respect. The mother finds a new offering on the table, she doesn't even look surprised! I guess this one person comes every year..I think they were very much close friends. Kangto on the other hand, may have done the most stupid decision ever. He actually went to see his superior, and told me his version of what happened. He believed i guess, that's why he put him back in his uniform, and called the other Japanese superior, so that all get to hear him. They are doing a mini court, first, they call a witness, who is supposed to be on Kangto's side, but he appears to be not. Actually, his face is all bruised up, so you got what happened. The second witness is Kimura! He says the sweetest things on him! But, this is not leading anywhere. They decide that, if he's NOT Gagsital, then they should make a bait for him.He always seems to be around whenever MOGDAN is in danger! Oh no! Now, her sketch photos are everywhere! What's even worse is that one of her own friends calls on her!! For a mere sum of 500 korean won (not even half a dollar).Mogdan, totally unaware of the situation, is daydreaming on her bathub about Gagsital. They finally come get her, after a generous try of the people of the circus trying to disorient Kangto and his soldiers, and Mogdan, herself, did an amazing jump from the window to the ground, only to end up surrounded by every guard. Now, she's being Tortured, oh no! Brave girl..she's not saying a word! Now, she's taken, no, dragged to the center of the city, for everyone to see! or more like, for Gagsitak to come for her! Wait, KAngto notices how both guards put on top of the building disapeared..THERE HE IS! he saved her again in such a heroic way! He manages to avoid Kangto's bullets. Which drives him BALLISTIC! After the two makes it to the forest, Mogdan finally tries to talk to her savior! Thank him..He basically doesn't say a word and just leaves. You should see the way she's looking at him. Mogdan, honey, you head over heels. END
Screencaps added!! Hope you ll get a clearer idea about wht happened guys!! Thanks for staying up!! See u next Wednesdaaaay
i modified a little, cuz Kangsan looks sometimes not himself with the mask, i thought it was an impersonator again, but it s actually him hehehe he did save her, and she got her chance to do her Puppy eyes and say thank youuuuu lol
I knew it, Kangto's brother is GAKSITAL xD
gaksital will save him , kangsan is there singing!
oh no Mogdan is dragged to the center of the city for eveyone to see!!
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