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Daily 4 way Battle Royal
Iron Fist He is a practitioner of martial arts and the wielder of a mystical force known as the Iron Fist, which allows him to summon and focus his chi.
Kenshiro He is the rightful successor of an ancient art if assassination called Hokuto Shinken, which allows Kenshiro to defeat his adver saries through use of hidden meridian points.
Batman aka Bruce Wayne The master of everything, Bruce Wayne is a superb martial artist but what separates him from everyone else in the top tier is his range of abilities, he's a world class athlete escapologist, strategist, leader and with preparation there is no one he cant defeat.
Baki Hanma He is a great martial artist and the champion of underground arena in Tokyo Dome. He won the Maximum Tournament by defeating his brother, Jack Hanma.
Ok everyone it's a new day which means a new 4 way battle royal in this one we have great martial artist let's see who everyone picks.
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batman. all the way.
a year ago·Reply
As much as I am a fun of Batman, I have to give this one to Kenshiro. If you ever read till the end of Fist of the North Star his ability is super human and all he really needs is a single touch to cause a limb to explode. He can also take everything any of the others can give and shake it off including any weapons or traps.
a year ago·Reply
Iron fist ftw
a year ago·Reply
I think that @InVincybll is right, either Iron Fist or Batman would take the cake..
a year ago·Reply
Gotta give it to Kenshiro. Don't see any of them beating him.
a year ago·Reply