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Hiya Lovelies!! Thanks to our all empowering terrific moderator @InVinsybll, he made this Anime Road Trip Challenge!

In response to that, here is my ideal anime road trip! (X

What is the Destination?

Hmmm... Anywhere, huh? Well, I guess I would have to go to... with the Bathhouse from Spirited Away. Its just a beautiful place and it would so cool to stay at! I also would love to check out the surrounding stores/food spots around it. And as long as I wont get my name taken from me and not turned into a pig I'm all good (:

Why Are You Going?

Man, a girl needs a vacation to relax and I have always wanted to go to a bath house and experience japanese culture (:

Which Anime Characters Are You Taking with You?

Well I need a good mix of different personalities AND people who would able to make it through a road trip together... so I would definitely pick... Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)-- His energy and upbeat personality would just brighten up the day, and we all know how much he loves traveling XD Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!)-- Even though he can be a little mischievous at times I feel like he would just be a fun to guy around! Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)-- I just know she and I would get along! And since she isn't from the 'modern' present day setting I would love to show her around!

Where Are You Stopping on the Way?

Any road trip wouldn't be complete without a good, fast food burger place, and who wouldn't want to stop at MgRonald from Devil's a Part-Timer! (X I get to see my favorite Sadao Mao (the wonderful Lord Satan) and the cute Chiho Sasaki X3 Also I'm definitely stopping at Restaurant Yukihira from Shokugeki no Soma!!!! (: Again I wanna experience true Japanese culture so that definitely means the food!!! XD I would just love to see Soma cook and whip up something sooooo amazing!
So I hope you liked reading!!! X3 this is how I would I ideally spend it (: Check out the original challenge answer those questions and make a card and tag me @InVinsybll and @hikaymm!!! (: Have a wonderful dayyy!!!
awesome card @tbell2! I fell in love with that bathhouse from the first moment I saw it. I'd love to go there, though I'd probably stay too long and become trapped in the spirit world.
LOL Love that first picture. I love this. I also think the Bathhouse from Spirited Away would be really great to see. And you know I'm a huge Foodie, so that's almost too perfect. <3 I feel like having Nishinoya along would make the trip full of laughter. And about anyone from the main cast of Ouran High School Host Club would be interesting. Great card!
@Danse hehehe tanks love!! (X this would literally be the best trip ever!!! and man I would love to hang with Nishinoya! (:
but at the same time I wouldn't mind being stuck there c:
@InVinsybll haha sameee c: