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Jimin don't go?!?!?!?!!

I had the best dream ever last night. I was walking around and saw a man being chase by girls and then I realized it was jimin . I quickly ran to him and I acted like I didn't know he was an idol. I told him I can help you hide and he was like okay. I quickly took him to a near by place and we hide there. until the crowd in the place realized who he was so we ran again.This time we hid in to my house and I told him I knew who he was but I was not going to do anything to him and he said thanks for helping me. He told me he had called the rest of the group to come because they were going to pick him up.Then I saw a van outside and Jimin and I started to walk outside.Thats when the whole group came out of the van I saw v,j-hope,rapmonster, jin,suga,and kookie.i was so shocked in my dream and they all saided hi to me . finally jimin had to say goodbye and I saw him walk away slowly.
Oh my! Those are the best dreams
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