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Proposals have taken over the world.

We're obsessed. From the women getting down on bended knee to men surprising their girlfriends at work, it's no secret that traditional proposals are a thing of the past and it just gets better from here. If you thought those proposals that went viral were amazing, just wait until you hear about the artist who is customizing engagement flip books. Talk about flippin' creative. All of my writers and book lovers should get a flip -- I mean kick out of this one.
The artist behind The Flippist not only customizes these little books to tell a couples story from start to finish, but he also carves out a little spot in the back of the book to hide the ring. Adorable. Are you ready to get engaged? I definitely am. Okay, maybe not -- but I can definitely live vicariously through these couples. I wonder what creative proposal idea someone is on the brink of creating next.

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That's so freaking adorable and cute!!!! 馃樆
I know right!!!!! 馃槴 @LAVONYORK
Extremely!!! I love the idea so much @humairaa
very cute for sure @jlee37