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Ladies, we've all met that guy.

The one that tries entirely too hard. You hint that you're just not that into him, but he continues to pursue you. Whether he's asking for your number or asking for your hand in marriage [okay, maybe a bit too drastic], nothing you say or do will stop him from making his move. Well, that is unless you use the art of curving or in simpler terms -- rejecting a romantic advance.
They might not get it the first time, but be strong with your curving and eventually they'll get a clue. For some women it takes three times for others it may take years, but it's an art that a lot of guys just don't understand. If you've ever had to curve a guy -- or if you've been curved yourself, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

How strong is your curve game?

Are you the curver or the curvee?
You and me both! Lol @danidee
Lol keeping my curve hand strong. I TRY! ;)
Lol I wish I could too!! @humairaa
ikr but i can totally relate to him in that case @jordanhamilton
I think Kanye smiles like once every year lol and great question! Idk I guess it's just my permanent facial expression, haha @humairaa
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