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Junho calls JYP after speaking with the nurse. He promises to send the police over to question the nurse for a description and possible sketch. When the call finishes, he takes a minute to compose his face and then walks over to your curtained off area. Your eyes are closed but you aren’t sleeping. Though the pain has lessened, the light sensitivity is still present. He takes your hand and leans over to kiss your forehead.
Tears escape your closed eyes, and he immediately stresses. “Are you in pain? Did that hurt you?”
You try to shake your head no and then think better of it. You open your eyes to see his concerned face just inches from your own. “I’m sorry,” you begin, but he hushes you before you can continue.
“You have nothing to be sorry for,” he laments. “I should have stayed, I should have waited; you could have been more seriously injured or killed! I know better and I didn’t think.” His tortured eyes look into yours, “Will you ever forgive me?”
His tormented face is enough to break your heart. You cup his face in your hands and pull him close for a kiss. “There is nothing to forgive. Unless you hit me, you aren’t to blame.” Your attempt at a bit of levity backfires.
“You think I could hit you?” He steps back in shock. You put your head back on the pillow and cover your face; now you’ve made a mess. You were trying to lighten the mood, trying to show him you don’t blame him.
“Jagi?” He asks as he reaches over and carefully removes your hands from your face. “You really think…?”
“No. No, that isn’t what I meant!” You know crying will only make your head feel worse but you can’t help it, everything suddenly seems to be going wrong. “I was trying to show you that it isn’t your fault. I know you wouldn’t hurt me, but you took it wrong,” you moan as you try to wipe your tears away. “Why can’t this just be easy?” you pitifully ask yourself.
His face relaxes again as he sits down on the bed next to you and pulls you into his arms. The nurse walks over, looks like she is about to scold him but then turns and walks away. “Maybe it would be better if you never reach my level of feelings,” he mutters like he’s talking to himself. You tense up at his next words, “I would rather know you are safe than put you in constant danger. I don’t know what would happen to me if you were seriously hurt.”
You untangle yourself from him to look him in the face, he is totally serious. “Taking care of me does not mean abandoning me,” you start. “I could have said no; to the coffee’s, the Skype calls, all of it. This isn’t one sided so you don’t get to make that choice. Right now, that would hurt me more than my head does.” You make him look back at you, “No decisions about us without my approval okay?”
He doesn’t agree but he doesn’t disagree, just pulls you back up against him and holds you like he’s afraid you’ll disappear.
The doctor comes over to check on you and releases you into Junho’s care. Your protests fall on deaf ears. You know he has to work the next day, production won’t stop because someone was injured on site; dead maybe but not injured. You try to argue about his needing rest when he throws the idol card at you, “This isn’t my first time without sleep, nor the last.”
He takes you home and tucks you into his bed. The cats can sense something is wrong and are making total pests of themselves. He gives up trying to shoo them away when he turns away to set his phone for 2 hours and turns back to find them both curled up against you purring. The look of tenderness and love for his babies can’t be missed; he looks extremely pleased that they have accepted you. He curls himself around you from the back and with a giant sigh, drifts off to sleep.
You lay there for a few minutes trying to process everything that has happened in the past week. Has it really only been a week since you met this man? You didn’t come here planning to date a member, you certainly don’t think you did anything to lead him on. You know it isn’t love, yet. No matter what happened earlier, laying here in his arms; in his home, with his pets snuggled against you, you know you’ve never felt safer or more cherished.
if It was me I would already be married to him lol
can you tag me from now on? please?
this guy.. ;) strong for the both of us. Yes, no relationship decisions without discussion from both parties. So don't trust this nurse.. hour the police and security find out something fast.