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Shinhwa discussed the concept from their recently released album 'The Classic'. On a recent episode of tvN's Baek Ji Yeon's People Inside, Shinhwa revealed various anecdotes from their 15-year music career. Eric Mun admitted one of frequent questions they receive when being interviewed is, "Isn't it becoming increasingly difficult to promote due to your advancing age?" Eric then went on to say, "Rather than showing ourselves in a manner when we were in our 20s, we wanted to display fitting images as people in their 30s." Referring to their concept, Eric asserted, "We thought sexiness could be presented through this song. Sexiness can be found for any age group and we wanted to show the sexiness of our age bracket. And I think that was the right thing to do. It is possible to be sexy without having to resort to shedding clothes." Omg who is he kidding? Of course Shinhwa are as sexy as ever!!! And I just love it when he said one can be sexy without shedding clothes hehe :3
moaaaa cute adorable handsome man *-'
yeaaappp it is soooo adorable !!!:-*
of course, you don't have to show muscles or your chest or legs to be sexy
Shinhwa <3<3<3! I regret not knowing them earlier I only knew them after shinbang. Sexy Shinhwa~