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Day 59 of the 250k transformation challenge. I haven't felt as tired and as hungry as I did yesterday in a very long time. I felt sluggish and sleepy all day, and I was hungry for food. I ended up eating 2 lunches and 2 dinners and I was still craving more. I ended up going to sleep early just so I didn't end up studding my face with food. On the good note, luckily I ate healthy foods so I got alot of carbs, proteins and veggies. Usually I'd resort to anything and everything, but since I'm near the end of the transformation I don't want to f it all up. Today is a new day and you just have to move forward. Don't let yesterday turn into a snowball effect and make things worse. When you get 1 flat tire, you don't say screw it and make the other 3 tires flat or give up and buy a whole new car. The secret to getting your body where you want it to be is consistency! The 2 steps are start and continue... Stay tuned as I'll be making my day 1 - 60 transformation video using all the day pics I have thus far. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my journey and start your transformation today!