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Day 59 of the 250k transformation challenge. I haven't felt as tired and as hungry as I did yesterday in a very long time. I felt sluggish and sleepy all day, and I was hungry for food. I ended up eating 2 lunches and 2 dinners and I was still craving more. I ended up going to sleep early just so I didn't end up studding my face with food. On the good note, luckily I ate healthy foods so I got alot of carbs, proteins and veggies. Usually I'd resort to anything and everything, but since I'm near the end of the transformation I don't want to f it all up. Today is a new day and you just have to move forward. Don't let yesterday turn into a snowball effect and make things worse. When you get 1 flat tire, you don't say screw it and make the other 3 tires flat or give up and buy a whole new car. The secret to getting your body where you want it to be is consistency! The 2 steps are start and continue... Stay tuned as I'll be making my day 1 - 60 transformation video using all the day pics I have thus far. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my journey and start your transformation today!
@marshalledgar Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to look into it!
@marshalledgar I've recently followed Matt ogus and have been watching his YouTube videos. I actually implemented his veggie intake this past week. The 300+ page guide looks enticing and I may look into it further. He is shredded as hell.. Keep me updated if the information in the books are well worth it. I just don't want to read it only to find its everything I've been reading about for the past 20 years. By he way, I do implement the reverse pyramid training which has helped my strength alot.
@UDskam I used to do reverse pyramid training when I was training with a bodybuilder...it's definitely intense!
I just have to say that I caved in and purchased the 2-book set by Erich Helms: The Muscle & Strength Nutrition Guide and The Muscle & Strength Training Guide. INCREDIBLE!!! I am learning so much! Matt Ogus has been promoting it on his INsta for about a month or so. And these aren't just 20-page guides. These are like 300+ pages. Granted, I am only on page 41 so far and I feel like I need to go back and read it again because there's so much info. @alywoah @UDskam @mchlyang
@alywoah I've tried it all too. Almost every 12 week on bodybuilding.com to be honest, any diet and exercise plan works, the main thing is can you do it for the rest of your life or will it just be a temporary solution? So far iifym and intermittent fasting seem to be the lifestyle I can stick too, however I will be trying a new program at the end of my transformation. I'm determined to find the best program that works for me and that I can do effortlessly as a lifestyle. "If it's hard, you're not going to do it." That's a quote that I believe is true for most people when it comes to eating.
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