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My masterpiece is finally complete! Enjoy!

Destination: Magnolia

Of any world, real or fictional, Fiore is the one that I most want to be in, so my final destination will be the Fairy Tail guild Hall in Magnolia!


Why do I want to go there, you may ask? Every world seems to have some condition, "if I get to be x." But in Fiore, magic is commonplace, so anyone can become a wizard! That is why Fairy Tail is always my go to world!

Also Fairy Tail is just the kind of wild and crazy family I'd love to be a part of! With all the weirdos and shenanigans, I think I'd fit right in!

My Companions

Now the hard part: who am I going to take with me? I tried to pick characters which would fit in well with the members of Fairy Tail, but would also be fun and enjoyable to hang out and travel with. Turns out, this card almost doubles as my Waifu Wednesday: Husbando/ Reverse Harem Edition card!
Yato (Noragami)
Let's get the party started with divine swordsman, Yato. Yato is a struggling kami, just trying to shake his bloody past and make a name for himself. With his drive, surprising wisdom, and all over the place personality, he'll fit right in with Fairy Tail, not to mention how much of a blast he will be as a traveling companion! Bonus: he'll come as a package deal with his exemplar, my boy Yukine!
Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)
Next we'll pick up the adorable son of Satan, Rin Okumura. This demonic swordsman, with his signature satanic blue flames, is working to become an exorcist so that he can avenge the man who raised him by "beating the shit out of Satan!" I'd love to see him chilling (or, more likely, battling it out) with Natsu and Gray; I wanna see how Natsu reacts to his flames, and how Gray reacts to the fact that he's clearly his long lost brother (just look at the resemblance!)! Plus, with his cooking skills, there will be no shortage of great food on the trip!
Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill!)
I swear I'm not just running around with swordsmen, but the next guy we're picking up will get along just fine with the other two! Tatsumi just wants to save his village by becoming a hot shot in the army, but, after witnessing the deaths of his two best friends, he is recruited to join Night Raid, a team if assassins fighting the rampant corruption in the capitol as part of the revolutionary army. He's a bit naive, and super sweet and caring, but he's no wuss; he wields Incursio, an evolutionary armor type Imperial Arms created from a danger beast, which takes a lot of strength. I have a ton of love for this boy, so he was an easy selection for this trip.
Shikamaru (Naruto)
Told you they weren't all swordsmen! Our next stop will be Konoha to pick up master strategist and shinobi, Shikamaru. Shikamaru was the first of his class to become a chunin and specializes in shadow manipulation jutsu. He's a genius, but he hates putting in too much effort, which I can totally relate to. He's like a less bubbly and adorable version of First Master Mavis, the Fairy Tactician. Makarov would probably try naming Shikamaru the next master, and then Shikamaru hand the reins right back over because it sounds like too much work!
Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
Let's be honest, with all these dreamy anime boys around, I'm also gonna need a gal pal, so we're gonna stop by the Hellsing Organization and steal the policegirl to keep me company! Seras got caught up in a hostage situation on the job, and the only way Alucard could save her was to shoot her through the chest to kill the hostile vampire, and then turn her. It took time for her to adjust to her new existence and fully come into her own, but I think she qualifies as one of the most badass women in anime. I think she'd fit in well with me, Lucy, and all the other awesome ladies of Fairy Tail! Bonus: she comes with French mercenary, soulmate, and protector, Pip Bernadotte, who offered up his blood to her when she was at her lowest and lives on inside her.

Additional Stops

Of course, we'll spend some time in each of my friends' respective hometowns, but those aren't the only places I wanna go on this multidimensional road trip!
Amestris (Fullmetal Alchemist)
So the Elric boys didn't quite make my list of traveling companions, but we're still paying them a visit in Amestris!
Karakura Town (Bleach)
I also wanna check out Kisuke's shop and hang out with Ichigo and his crew, maybe even visit the Seireitei!
Ikebukuro (Durarara!!)
Ikebukuro seems like a normal city at first, but then it gets weird! Lots of cool people to hang out with! Just watch for flying objects, like vending machines, convenience store trashcans, and street signs, especially when accompanied by an exclamatory "IIIIIIIIZZZZAAAAAAAYYYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"
City Z (One Punch Man)
I think it might be fun to help Genos stalk - I mean observe - Saitama-sensei! It'd be cool to witness the spectacle firsthand!
Ouran (Ouran High School Host Club)
Because I don't have enough cute boys with me on this trip! Who wouldn't want to be pampered by the hosts? Then we can laugh with Haruhi and make Tamiki flip out all insecure like he does!
DWMA (Soul Eater)
It's so symmetrical! As one of my firsts, Soul Eater holds a special place in my heart. With so many quirks, I'd love to spend some time in Death City!
Anteiku (Tokyo Ghoul)
When considering this challenge, one of the first names that popped into my head was, of course, my broken lost puppy Kaneki Ken! Unfortunately, he didn't quite fit the bill for this trip, but no day is complete without coffee, and everyone knows Anteiku is where it's at! Maybe we can bring a little sunshine to Kaneki's life while we're at it! All it'll cost him is 5 yen (for Yato, of course).
Virtual World (Sword Art Online)
At some point, we'll take a hop, skip, and a jump to the near future and get our game on with Kirito and the gang! Sure we could pick fights in person, but I'm about 110% sure I'd die at least once, and that's less likely to stick in the virtual world! The technology is really fascinating to me, especially since it's so close to becoming real, and I'm dying to try it out. Some of my boys could definitely give Kirito a run for his money. Plus I could talk software with Kazuto and confuse everyone!

Thanks @invinsybll for the challenge! I may have gotten a little overexcited, but I had a blast! @hikaymm wanted to be tagged too