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I'm sorry I had to XD XD XD
Xiumin : What the hell? Was that really her?
Sehun : *gets embarrassed* You're the first girl who has ever been this straightforward...
Baekhyun : Caught you!!
Kyungsoo : I thought she was innocent..
Chanyeol : Wait. Who was that? *looks for the culprit*
Kai : Oh, so you wanna play that game? *touches your butt like you touched his*
Lay : *is shocked but tries to play it cool*
Suho : But we're in public..
Chen : Do it again. I dare you.
I highly doubt sehun is that innocent if anything he'd grab hers and lift her up and take her to a private room.
*touch chen butt again* you dare me and I did it again lol
well then kai let the butt grabbing games begin
my sister said that I'm chen, suho, kais reaction when someone would grab my butt lol she's not even a kpop fan lol
@Jinnyrod3 lol aye make her call him daddy ALL night long xD
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