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EXO Reactions ; You Touching Their Butt
I'm sorry I had to XD XD XD
Xiumin : What the hell? Was that really her?
Sehun : *gets embarrassed* You're the first girl who has ever been this straightforward...
Baekhyun : Caught you!!
Kyungsoo : I thought she was innocent..
Chanyeol : Wait. Who was that? *looks for the culprit*
Kai : Oh, so you wanna play that game? *touches your butt like you touched his*
Lay : *is shocked but tries to play it cool*
Suho : But we're in public..
Chen : Do it again. I dare you.
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I highly doubt sehun is that innocent if anything he'd grab hers and lift her up and take her to a private room.
a year ago·Reply
well then kai let the butt grabbing games begin
a year ago·Reply
@Jinnyrod3 lol aye make her call him daddy ALL night long xD
a year ago·Reply
my sister said that I'm chen, suho, kais reaction when someone would grab my butt lol she's not even a kpop fan lol
a year ago·Reply