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This is got to be on top of my most favorite Doctor Who episodes ever! It's crazy good!! No dull moment at all! just pure genius! @YinofYang
@Yinofyang i remember some group of guys counting down the days until she turned 18 lol
@shoenami Exactly! She really is. LOL!!!! No, it never has. She's fantastic at acting.
@YinofYang ahh Natalie Portman of course!, the ultimate fantasy of each geek guy.. And even though she left for awhile, her talent never went away
@shoenami Yeah, she's definitely very smart. Do you see her on TV? That's awesome. I love her! She's the one female in that big cast of men and she can totally hold her own. She's really kickass! Oh, yeah! I totally forgot to mention Natalie Portman. I love Natalie. Now, there is one actress who is also very smart, pursued her education instead of movies for awhile, and is very charitable.
@YinofYang oohh,,from that link, Felicia Day seems like a very smart woman and cute too! and Song Ji Hyo, I see her a lot on TV! I have yet to be beaten by the Korean fever even though i live here!
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