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안녕하세요 내 사랑. Its your favorite blue eyed, green eyed black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다, and I WANT FAN FICS. . . please. I'm technically new to the K-Pop fandom and kinda new to Vingle K-Pop community. I'm 24 and the really popular celebrities are younger than me. I adore them but have #NoonaDenial and wish to read more fan fictions about the older crowd. I've enjoyed BigBANG and 2PM stories I've read so far but finding it a little harder to find other Oppa reads. So could you guide me to them or write them. I know I can/am writing my own fan fictions but there's nothing like the thrill of going on an unknown adventure with your bias or even a Oppa you never had on your radar and catching feelings. So here are just a few of 내 오빠 (Nae Oppa) requests/suggestions, if you're up for the challenge: (Not in any particular order)

Rain Oppa (Jung Ji Hoon aka Ultimate Bias)

Born : June 25, 1982

DongWoo (Jang Dong Woo main(lead) rapper of Infinite)

Born: November 22, 1990 **Note: the tattoos are fan art that look really good on him to me, but I love him the way he is as well. Also most of the pix are screenshots from his Instagram. I stalk his page, hehe whenever he post my heart gets happy.

Lee Hong Ki (Main Vocalist of FT Island)

Recently had a birthday Born March 2, 1990 I fell in love with him when he played Jeremy on You're Beautiful. His raspy voice is like heaven.

Kim Jong Kook (Singer of Turbo/ Active in Variety Shows) (my 1st ever UB)

Born April 25, 1976 When I first entered the K-World I binged RunningMan I can happily say I've watched every episode, excluding the last 5 recent cuz I'd binge those too and be looking for more RunningMan after. Yes I stalk his Instagram as well. Not only does him posting make my heart happy but its in English, bring me closer to him faster. like serious goals is going to Korea to put a ring on it. ;p He and Rain are in constant battle in my head. like both have UB Championship belts and KJK Oppa keeps trying to come back for the title. They both also encourage me to get in shape and eat healthy. Turbo Fighting!!!

Chansung (Hwang Chansung maknae of 2PM)

Born February 11, 1990 . Yeah I know I said I've seen and enjoyed some 2PM Fan Fictions he hasn't been the leas though. I don't have a 2PM bias but I'd really love to read someone's interpretation of his character as a love interest.
a few youngin's I wouldn't mind seeing taking more mature roles. As in in a fan fiction with a Noons but know how to be a manly boyfriend, that only sometimes gets away with things cuz he's adorable. JB (Im JaeBum , Leader of GOT7) . Ken (Lee Jaehwan a Main Vocal of VIXX) . Jr. (Park JinYoung of GOT7) (My Bias that proves I have a flower boy type. I believe he, Rain Oppa, and Kim So Hyun, have a similar look.) . Jeonghan ( Yoon JeongHan of SEVENTEEN) . Kai (Kim JongIn of EXO) (My Bias) Ravi ( Kim WonSik Rapper of VIXX) Taemin (Lee TaeMin maknae of SHINee) . D.O (Do KyungSoo vocal of EXO) . SungHak (Jung Subghak of BigStar) . UNIQ (Names in pic) . Seo KangJoon (Of 5uprise) He already has the I'm younger than you but I'm manly thing going for him. Fell in love with him through Cunning Single Lady and still has my love while watching Cheese In The Trap (yeah I know its over but I haven't finished it yet.) He is always the character that plagues me with Second Male Lead Syndrome.
There's plenty more I wanna request from the genius writers on this app but this will be all for now. If I do another card I'll change this to NO.1. If some of these actually exist again I ask you point me in the direction. Until then, this is your favorite K-Pop/K-World fandom trainee, just a trainee. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해. ❤