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Recently an article came out regarding how staff and cast of 'Rascal Sons' has yet been paid, despite the drama's ending in March. The drama starred Seo In Guk, Na Moon Hee, Lee Sung Jae, Myung Se Bin, Ryu Soo Young and others for a span of 50 episodes. The drama received only lukewarm response and ended with low rating, which I believe is part of the cause. In response, a list of other unpaid dramas have been released: Faith: $604,000 USD The Musical: $208,000 USD I Love You: $209,000 USD The Princess Has Returned: $209,000 USD Fugitive: Plan B: $450,000 USD President: $550,000 USD Jungle Fish 2: $34,000 USD Rascal Sons: $680,000 USD (Via netizen buzz) It was also said that for some of these dramas, the cast received their script ON THE DAY of the filming, which made it particularly stressful. This just seems so ridiculous to me. I believe once a company decides to start a drama, they must be responsible for it and can't simply run away just because it is a failure. Yet, it is always easier said than done. Interestingly though, Faith is on the list. I wonder why Lee Min Ho's and Kim Hee Sun's agencies did nothing about it because they are pretty big in Korea? Anyway, I just hope there won't be more cases in the future.
i'm very surprised that" the princess has returned" is on this list. I loved that show.but now, I'm going to look at it differently.
@larkspurs some of the production companies listed above are quite small - so to some extent I guess they are just quite pressed. That's probably why the actors are not aggressively taking things to court I think? @Yinofang that would be the ideal case :(
How is this possible? The business model must be very different. Do they only make money if the ratings are sub-par to decent for a series? Shouldn't they be paid regardless? (-_-)
Wow faith la De leeinho esta en primer lugar que esta en reinten wow fighting lee minho <3
Awwww, that's no good. Is it because ratings are low, or is someone being greedy?