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I walked outside this morning and smiled.

Spring greeted me with a warm kiss on my cheek and then it happened, I realized the winter had officially gone into hibernation for the next eight months or so. As I walked the busy streets of New York City, I noticed that spring brings out the happiness in people -- couples in general. They were everywhere and then there was me, trying to remember what it was like to be in a relationship -- for the simple fact that it has been years.
I smiled at the thought of the endless possibilities couples had in this amazing weather. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty for both single and non-single people to do -- but the idea of doing something together makes it all the more enjoyable. So with that being said, heres to spring and couples, and couples doing things in the spring -- aka the perfect spring bucket list for the ideal couple in the city.

Grab Lunch At Dean & Deluca And Have A Picnic

If you've never been to Dean & Deluca, it will change your life. Think of a luxurious Whole Foods. It's fabulous and the food is absolutely delicious. Grab some snacks and warm goods and head to your favorite park. Spread out a blanket and enjoy the weather amongst each others company.

Spend The Day At Coney Island

If you're a fan of rides or just want to be around a historic amusement park, Coney Island is the one for you. The weather is perfect.

Rent Citi Bikes And Go For A Ride Across Town

What's better than getting a workout while enjoying each others company in the city? Absolutely nothing.

Go To The Chobani Cafe And Make Your Own Yogurt

If you're a fan of greek yogurt then you will love the Chobani cafe in Soho that let's you put together your own ingredients for the tastiest yogurt you've ever had.

Spend The Day At The Bookstore

Hit up your favorite bookstore together and choose books for each other. Purchase the books and spend the day reading in the park or on the steps of the New York Public Library, Gossip Girl style.

Get All Dressed Up And Hop On A Day Cruise

There's nothing like watching the city pass you by while sailing upon the water. Day cruises are perfect because you get the thrill of a cruise without the price of a cruise. Enjoy feeling the wind blow your hair.

What would your ideal spring date be?

It's time I obsessed a little @jordanhamilton. Lol
me too! I obsess over it. my favorite @EasternShell
The bookstore...I can get lost for hours.
Yessssss and it is absolutely amazinggggg! @sophiamor
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