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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this DIY and tag me if you make it! .....or if you spit take on someone with this bottle :') let's start.
~YOU WILL NEED~ 1. Picture of any line character (I used mr. brown) 2. Sharpie 3. Black paint (I used apple barrel acrylic paint) 4. Thin brush 5. Scissors 6. Bottle of Voss water (The plastic one) 7. Paper & pen 8. Napkin 9. Tape (so water doesn't get rid of the image)
Pull the Voss sticker off of the bottle. Wash the bottle making sure there is no sticky residue from the sticker. DRY the bottle using the napkin, shake the bottle a few times to get all the water out.
Silhouette ^ Now grab your paper and pen and begin to make the outline of the character. I decided to make mr. brown because he was the character used in the show. Keep in mind one of the lines coming from the is longer than the other and less slanted. Now is the time to fix the drawing before tracing onto bottle.
Once done drawing grab your scissors and cut out the best looking eye (more circular) using the sharpie trace the best eye onto the middle of the bottle.(I used the left eye from the silhouette) Then the mouth. Don't worry if it looks a little off.
Grab the paint and thin brush and begin to fill in the eyes and nose. I used black paint because it was like that in the show, if you want to use other colors you can. Be very careful when outlining the snout. Do one coat and let it dry make sure in the first coat you can still see the bottle like in picture #3. Once dry do a second coat, you shouldn't be able to see through the paint this time. Let it dry. It should now be dark like in picture #4.
Now cut a piece of tape not to long but long enough to cover the image. Place the tape on top of the image pressing down and getting rid of the bubbles. Make sure there are no bubbles. Now you are done. :)
That was pretty cute ~ :3
That looks awesome