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Celebration: Sources say the entrepreneur has spent an estimated $10 million to construct an extravagant, Game of Thrones-themed setting for his nuptials! cr:dailymail
@shoenami Yes, very, very true. You know, when I went to high school, everyone always called ours the "bad" one. It was in a poorer part of town and back then, gangs were ever present. So, you know, people looked down on it, when the high schools in the rich part of town, kids were always ODing and getting arrested for dealing the "high class" drugs. Yep, I wish we could give a lot of the kids educational stuff. That would be soooo awesome.
@YinofYang oh sis, that';s just lovely :D it's true, we never know how intelligent some kids could be.. too bad they're not given the chance they deserve while these privileged kids go around buying yachts and drugs.... Sad reality.. :C
@blairwitme I'm with you in that sister! XD
@blairwitme Ahahahahahahaha! That's what I'm talking about. It would be awesome to shop without having to worry about prices. @shoenami I would buy my mom her own townhouse or condo and give her and my brother enough money that they'd be alright. I would set aside another good chunk as investments. As for the rest, I would also love to do something like that. Provide books, those netbooks (mini computers), and shoes for kids around the world. I always wonder...are there children that possibly could one day have the cures for diseases or environmental problems in their head, but can't do anything because of being unable to go to school or not being able to read.
I would SHOP and not care about the price tag for once!
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