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Are we all destined to go digital?

Some of you have mentioned that there isn't a comic book store near you. Others have mentioned that the price of physical comics is prohibitive, while digital ones can be accessed for a relatively cheap monthly subscription. Then there's the problem of space: Where do you store them? What do you do if you move? What if your basement floods and your entire collection is gone?
The again... what if you find out your collection is worth millions and you have enough to retire on in your old age? ;)

Are you ready to leave behind the paper copies for digital? Or are you still holding on to them (literally and figuratively)?

@KarleyFrance Me too. there's nothing like the smell of new comic book, honestly.
I'll never let go of my physical comics!
I'm digital. I do love the paper comics but they are so hard for me to get.
I am holding onto my comic books. I feel like it's the same with manga and books. There is just some kind of satisfying feeling know how far you got through it and just feeling the pages with your hand. Both old and new comic books.
I always prefer to feel the actual pages! but I am just nostalgic!
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