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Would You Rather Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to Become the Villain?

Good luck making this choice.

Personally I'd like to keep on standing up for what I believe in... but I might take the Deapdool route and live to fight another day.
Hey Frank is not a bad guy. you'd turn vigilante too if your entire family was murdered on front of you. so I understand his reasoning for what he does. deadpool is right down the middle and I can dig that. as for becoming a villain it all depends on the situation that's placed upon me.
die a hero I wouldn't want to see me lose myself
I want to live long enough to get tired of ppl and become a villain!!!!
@Captpeter I feel the same way I rather die being myself than to become something I'm not
I think the hardest part of this is the situations we're put in...we say we'd want to die as ourselves, afraid of turning into our enemies, but we evolve and change. The view points we hold today may change depending on what tomorrow gives us. Some are strong enough to stick to their guns (Batman should/could have killed Joker after what he did to Jason, but he didn't, he was the stronger of the two). While I'd prefer the death of a hero, fighting for what's right, I'm willing to live long enough to see myself become the villain
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