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The brighter, the better.

Well, in some cases. One of those cases happen to be when it comes to lipstick and what better time to rock a vibrant lip than during the spring. If bright shades are a bit outside of your element, don't fret -- it's always good tot ry something new every now and then.
This spring is all about being fearless and shameless, especially when it comes to your appearance. So, keep scrolling and check out a few bright lipstick shades that will make your lips stand out big time this season.
Shade: Yaassss
Company: Tarte Cosmetics
[get yours here]
Shade: Morange
Company: MAC Cosmetics
[get yours here]
Shade: Schiap
Company: NARS Cosmetics
[get yours here]
Shade: Peach Tart
Company: Sephora
[get yours here]
*the third lip stain from the left and right direction*

Do you have any favorites to add to the list?

What color are you looking forward to wearing this spring?
perfect! def going to go hunt that down. sounds like the perfect spring/summer shade @primodiva93
@jordanhamilton I think they still do. It's a nice lip tint
ahhhhh! that sounds beautiful! I wonder if they still sell that @primodiva93
There's this lip tar for h&m that I got a couple years back that looks bright orange on the outside but is bright orange-pink when you put it on. It's gorgeous!
I'm def with you! A huge fan of nudes myself @humairaa
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