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Why is this so cute.... Wait What?

It gets funner the longer you look.

Honestly no explanation will ever satisfy my curiosity here. @LAVONYORK @danidee take me out of the oven because I'm done. XD
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This reminds me of a TV show that used to be on when I was a SUUUUPER little kid called "You Can't Do That On Television".. lmao, the dad was cooking in the kitchen and he brings out a plate with a giant dead fish covered in cigarette butts and he's like "I made smoked salmon!"
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OMG! WTF!!!!!!!!!
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@ChristinaOMalle funny yet disturbing should be in my obituary @AcaciaNguyen lol right? who just has that lying aroung
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i laughed way longer then i should have馃槀
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